Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The grass is always greener..

The flock 'recipie' from my 'To Build a Board' post.. which you can find here, is as follows:

Two bags of 'Gaugemaster: Spring Green flock'. 
1. Two bags of this
One third of a bag of 'Woodland Scenics: Fine Turf Green Grass'
2. One third of a bag of this.
And finally, two handfulls of 'Games Workshop: Scorched Grass'
3. Two handfulls of this.
Which, when mixed all together, should create a rather nice tub of this!

We had to do this process twice to create enough flock to cover the board (though it did leave enough for us to do quite a few models for a while to come)

If you have a keen eye and you've read my other post, you'll note that there are other colours on the board. We used some other flocks (in small measures) to create a bit more texture to the board, and make it a little more reaslistic. I can't remember what they are, but Ben will have a list of some (all?) of them on his blog here! (I'll link that when he's updated it)

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