List of Miniature Comapnies

List of Miniature Companies by Scale (with some notes on Genre)

I wanted to compile a pretty sizable list of miniature companies based on scale, with some notes as to what they also sell.

Most of this work was done by Mr Ben over at TinyMiniPeople; so thanks to him.
If you have any other suggestions then leave a comment and i'll update it as and when I can!

                        All Periods, Fantasy, SciFi.
                        Supplies Aeronef and Land Ironclads for Victorian SciFi.

                        WW2 - Modern AFVs & Aircraft.
                        ACW coming soon.
                        Germy's Models. 
   (Adler Minis)    
                        Naps, WW2, AWI, ACW, SYW
                        Great range of Sci fi minis
                        Ancient to ACW, excellent quality.
                        Also produce Command Horizon - Scifi 
                        Sci fi - Human factions
                        Good cheap SciFi AFV's
                        Modern, WWII and Sci fi 
                        Has the fantastic Solar Empire Marines range
                        Awesome SciFi stuff, some excellent aliens
                        Good selection of sci-fi, especially vehicles.
   (steel crown productions)
                        More Awesome SciFi stuff, including individual heavy weapns and .
                        some large 'titan-esque' vehicles
                        Modern and WWII Micro Armour ranges
                        Future War and Dirt Side ranges; SciFi.
                        wide range of minis. wwi, wwii, modern, naps
                        dark ages, medieval, ecw, syw, acw. but does use a pdf catalogue.
                        All Periods.
                        All Periods.
                        Brilliant 6mm Fantasy.
                        Some SciFi; e.g. Lazer Dinosaurs.
                        Also stocks Dark Realm Miniatures.
                        GHQ & Mainforce WW2 & Modern AFV's
                        Good range of Modern vehicles and infantry.
                        Pretty good SciFi Stuff, excellent tanks.
                        Classical and American Civil War.
                        Some Vehicles and Terrain.
                        Sci fi, modern, WWI and II.
                        reasonable models.
                        wwii and Modern micro armour and aircraft
                        Some great Super Heavies hidden away.


                        Pretty much everything in 10mm.
                        Loads of ranges, including WW2 AFV's.
                        Lots of ranges, inc ancients, dark ages, ACW, AWI, ECW
                        Every Period. some 'irregular' minis.
                        Brilliant 10mm Fantasy LotR.
                        US resupplier for Magister, Pendraken and Old Glory

     Dream Pod 9
                        'Heavy Gear Blitz' Mecha Game.
                        Very useful for 2-15mm SciFi.

                        Excellent Leading 15mm SciFi and Pulp.
                        All periods bar SciFi.
                        Good Quality and Prices!
                        Best USMC 15mm's around.
                        Great SciFi Infantry and AFV's.
                        Good Modern Forces and Insurgents.
                        Expanding SciFi, Great Walkers.
                        Sells Eureka SciFi Germans; FTW!
                        Great SciFi AFVs
                        Sci fi/Fantasy
                        Fantastic models. TERRIBLE postage (time + cost)
                        All Sorts, and will order Blue Moon Miniatures if asked.
                        Great 15mm SciFi, terrible postage prices.
                        Very nice resin SciFi AFV's.
                        Modern AFV's. Abramstastic!
                        Some cool Androids and Men In Black.
                        Also cool resin terrain.
                        Ex-Citadel 15mm SciFi. Old School.
                        You know the rest!
                        Great Fantasy lines.
                        SciFi ranges, on the large side.
                        SciFi Samurai.
                        Some pathetic Womble Aliens.

                        Napoleonics, WW2 and Ancients

                        Warring states > WWII minis. Well priced
                        Ancients > WWII. Well priced, excellent models
                        Fantasy/sci fi. Great rules. good price.
                        sci-fi, fantasy, LOTR, hideously overpriced

                        Some really good ones hidden away.
                        FTW. Full Thrust Win.
                        Good Space Ships.
                        Utter Win Battle Stars.
                        Awesome Ships.
                        Some Great Ships.
                        Some good ships hidden away.
                        Dodgey Aliens, Great "Not" BSG ;) and fantastic range of other non-“insert brand” ships.
                        Small range, but pretty good.

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