Tuesday, 10 November 2015

WHFB at 6mm

Warhammer Fantasy

So our trio got rather invigorated by the microworldgames 6mm fantasy miniatures. It reminded us of those 'glory' days of Warhammer 6th edition, the version we played the most of.

Browsing pictures, turned into chat about how cool 6th was, which turned into dusting off the BRB and the army books from the shelves, which turned into ordering three different armies to play Warhammer again... in 6mm.

"don't you mean Warmaster?" nope. WHFB 6th Edition in 6mm. We decided we really like the mins and we really like the rules, why not try and make them work together. So that's what we're trying.

There's some inherent problems that i'm sure you've already thought of. base sizes, range/distance, wounds, individual minis. and you're right, there are some hurdles to overcome, but I think we've got the answers to those, and i'll get to those as I go on.

For now, to chronicle my army building. 

Ian has gone with Orcs and Goblins, as befits his past armies and Ben has gone with (Wood) Elves.

I've gone with undead. Which undead, i'm wasn't quite sure, but it was definitely going to be undead. As both a Tomb King player and a Vampire Counts player, I was torn. The Microworld 'Undead' suits both pallets: Bone giants, Ghouls, Zombies, Chariots etc.

Now, onto some miniature making. I did buy some 'Tomb King' models too, as well as just regular skeletons etc so I can swing both ways as it were.

TK Chariot. Comes with four horses, trying to decide whether to keep four horses...

I can't remember who makes these guys.. but for now they're going to be 'Spirit Hosts'. They're rotting flesh:skull white 3:1 base, thraka green wash, white dry brush, white highlight. 

The minis come with integral metal banners, but I fancy spicing it up a little. This more piratey flag is from a sheet of flags (more info below) so i'm using it for testing. Need some greenstuff to replace the hands that I removed.

Each base will have 12 guys on it, six wide. here's a unit of spearmen with command.

Getting to work on the skeles. They need more highlights on the spears/shields etc. but the skeles are bleached bone, devland mud, bleached bone with a skull white highlight. 

I got these from an ebay, they're designed for 10mm wargaming, but the guy will resize them to whatever you like for free. They were originally 10mm high each, I had them reduced to 8mm. The red banner will be for a BSB. 

Anyway, that's all for now. More when I get to it!

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