Thursday, 24 January 2013

Commision Figurines 20mm WWII Scenery

Review of Commision-Figurines 20mm WWII Scenery

Whilst trawling the internet for some scenery for our new game, I came across these little fellas on eBay, I thought to myself why not! so I picked up one of each of these three laser cut MDF building ruins from Commission Figurines a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I have only now gotten around to having a look and putting them together!

First Impressions
They look fantastic, really high quality and lots of detail; Pavements, 'plastered' walls, floorboards, door ways and windows. Everything has been done, and there are some really nice little touches - the interior walls are smaller than the external walls, the floor boards are 'split' into individual boards, there is plaster falling off the walls and there are archway decorations above doors and windows.

Putting them together
They went together really well.. I did pick up a trick or two to putting them together a touch easier..

The corner buildings.
- put them together flat, put the floorboard into one of the walls and then turn the other wall so they make the 90o that they should. The floorboard should slot into the hole in the other wall as you bring it into place.

The middle building. 
- Attach the floorboards to the middle wall before attaching it to the front wall.

Once you've done these, then attach them to the floor.

Some of the joints were a little stiff, but I would rather they were stiff than too loose! I didn't feel the need to, but a little trim with a modelling knife of filing would solve that problem easily enough.

With Models
15mm and 20mm work really well, with these ruins. They are advertised as 20mm ruins and they fit the role perfectly, the models really look in scale with the building. They are also advertised as being usable for Bolt Action (and I would guess all 28mm by extension).. they would do well if you had no other scenery, but aesthetically  they don't work, it's far too small for 28mm.
20mm Germans from Warmodelling

I'm not quite sure how i'll go about painting them yet.. I'm not sure how well they'll react to paint and if it will warp or not, but i'm sure i'll soon find out. Any advice? then please leave it in the comments!

£4 each, which is crazy low for what they are imo. I've seen some really expensive mdf laser cuts, which have far less detail than these.

Packaging and Postage
The postage rate was pretty reasonable and the seller gave me a pretty decent discount on combined postage. The models arrived well packaged in one of those bubble wrapped envelopes, nothing was bent or warped, they arrived in good time too.

You can find the stuff here!
p.s. I promise i'm not working for the guy.

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