Friday, 25 January 2013

With Hostile Intent

In this post I will be reviewing Magnetic Adapters for space ship combat miniatures from the 'With Hostile Intent' Range, I found this by accident one day and ordered them from Rattlehead Games;

Magnetic Adapters

Designed to resolve that age old issue of  stands breaking off in the bottom of your models and the problems of transporting minis with big stands on the bottom of them. They're made of white metal and earth magnets, and they're pretty strong, there are also sizable metal 'teeth' that are designed to stop the ship spinning like a top whilst moving it around

Here is the one i'm using to support my Full Thrust NSL Dreadnought.
The part connecting to the ship

The part that is attached to the stand.

They are pretty good for the job and have resolved the issue (for me at least) of those pesky plastic bases breaking off in my larger ships... Gods I've got so many ships with broken stands embedded in them...

However, they are quite large, I'm not sure they would look particularly pretty when stuck on the bottom of the ORCDeF ships in my previous post, however for medium to large Full Thrust ships, or larger scale ships like those in Firestorm Armada they'd do the job perfectly without pulling the attention away from your fancy well painted ship, these ones need painting black too, this will help with the keeping it out of sight.. I guess it is these larger (heavier) ships that it was designed for anyway, as they're more likely to break the stands.

They do also sell 30o, 45o, 60o, 90o and 180o adapters which is pretty cool, and from what I can gather as long as you have the basic adapters (with 1 part attached to the base, 1 part your ship) can put these angeled ones inbetween those two parts to 'turn' your ships at different angels, I imagine they'd work quite well when using 360o fighting rules etc and rolling your ship to fire broadside from the undamaged half of your ship... just reminds me of Battlestar Galactica when the Pegasus is destroyed.. (S3:E4)

Here's the 45o angle ones from the Rattlehead website

Price wise, they're perhaps a little expensive, especially given that they're a non-vital addition to your army and won't help you win any games. For the basic adapters, they are $6/£3.90 a pack, you get four in a pack, so that's just shy of £1 each! They are well made, but I could become an expensive way to help maintain your army.

If you've got your fleet built and are looking for a way to help maintain them and resolve any issues of bases falling off, then they're well worth picking up. I'd give them an 8/10.

On a side note and not something I can blame on anything other than my own idiocy, the make sure your ship and base line up the way you want before you go glueing all the parts together.. :/

As for ordering them;
Rattlehead Games were really good with their postage, $4.50 international shipping for orders under $15 is an excellent rate, plus I received the parts in less than a week! I'm not sure you can go wrong with that!

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