Friday, 25 January 2013

Studio Bergstrom OCRDeF Ship Review

In this post i will be reviewing some of the OCRDeF ships from Studio Bergstrom's Future Frontier range..
please excuse the crappy start of a paint job.. I got a little carried away.

From Left to Right;
1 x Battleship (Resin)
1 x Cruiser (Metal)
2 x Destroyer (Metal)

First Impressions;
Nice and simple, from what I could see from opening the box, I only had 1 part that needed attaching, which is the 'exhaust' from the Battleship. At a quick glance I couldn't see any obvious flash/bad molding on the miniatures.

This range is very bulky and fat, it lacks the smoothness or elegance of the Terran range, but that's what I liked about them, they look like they can take a lot of damage and pump out some extreme firepower. 

A closer look at casting and quality;

Once I got over that initial rush that comes from opening new toys, it was time to be objective and take a look at the casting quality and amount of flash. I must say that I was really shocked about the quality of the cast, it was superb. 

There are lots of deep parts to these models, lots of places that on some models get clogged up and lots of places that detail can get lost, but on these guys every groove and recess is crisp and clean, the casting is excellent, even better still is that there is no flash on the models! From the marks on the models it appears that Drew at Bergstrom has taken the time to remove the flash for me so that I don't have too! Now that's some service!

Each of the models has a piece of metal that 'juts' forward from the from the front of the ship and the exhaust section of each model has these small bits (for lack of better description) that point out back, I was concerned that they'd be a little flimsy and maybe prone to bending and breaking, but from my intial time spent with them and the couple that I have dropped whilst undercoating and painting not one has moved out of place. 

Scale and Comparison 

I bought these models to play some Full Thrust with so the ships i'll be up against will be GZG's Full Thrust range.. the Star-Ranger scale chart classes Bergstrom minis as 'Fleet/Squadron' scale, which is somewhere just under the size of the Full Thrust range which are 'Squadron' scale. 

The biggest of my ships, the Battleship, including its jutting front and 'bits' on the back put it at a little over 3" long, which means that it fits alongside the middle of the range FT ships from my Neu Swabian League FT ships quite nicely. It does look a little out of place against the dreadnought, but I'll be using these guys for smaller fights. 

The Cruiser against some of the medium sized FT ships

The Battleship against the FT Dreadnought..
it's here that you really notice the size difference
Here you can see them against the FT 'Eurasian Solar Union' miniatures - there are also rules and ship stats on there for using ORCDeF ships in FT.

Postage, Packaging and Price.
I live in the UK so was expecting a couple of weeks wait for post from the states but in fact received them in less than a week! Postage was $9, which for us Brits is a little under £6, which I didn't think was too shabby at all for postage from the states. 

The packaging was just what you'd expect, sturdy cardboard box with enough packing to keep them safe from sliding around.

The price of the models is really good value in return for the quality of the models you receive, especially given the extra touches like mold lines being removed before being shipped to you. I will definitely be making a purchase in the not too distant future.

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